Data Warehouse

Very often companies need to get an outside partner for a BI project. The most common reason is that an organization is implementing a new process or a new technology with which no one in the organization is familiar. In order to motivate or mentor in-house people on the new BI initiatives, it is highly desirable for a company to have an experienced consultant running the show.

Some of the best reasons for choosing our BI consultants include:

• Independent assessment of plans, practices, and status.
• Mentoring and educating the team.
• Leveraging experience across sectors or markets to bring best practices to a project.
• Providing specialized knowledge transfer.
• Help in selecting the right methodology and architecture.
• Crafting clear requirements and performing proper data analysis.
• Assessing infrastructure and server sizing.
• Performance benchmarks.
• Choosing the right data model.
• Selecting suitable algorithms for analytical processing.
• Project Management